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Welcome to my universe


You could either look at the word impossible or I´m-possible. 
First, you have to make up your mind, keep it in mind, and thus strengthen the vision daily. You will surround yourself with great meta-ideas that expand your mind and make your life purpose come true. Let's get started. I'm happy to invite you along my journey towards peace, love, and happiness. Practically and intuitively, my writings can inspire you and take your life to the next level, whether in your relationships, personal/spiritual growth, etc.

Spending the night in space

    Jukos and Yulena are dancing—smiling—laughing—and singing, jumping around inside the dome room while starlight shines and illuminates everything. A beautiful ray of Earth's blue light hit both of them majestically. However, what was about to go down could not be calculated nor predicted with common sense, not even with Humans' most sophisticated technology. 

   Sometimes nothing in life can help but the "endorsement" of the unpredictable circumstances in which you find yourself. Most of the time, planning and the desire to control your surroundings might lead you down a dark path of anger—depression—anxiety—or even suicidal thoughts; if not counteracted with the acceptance of the present moment. 

   By remembering not to repeat what went wrong in the past, using the past knowledge to set your forthcoming living priorities and implement them, but balancing it with the spiritual wisdom of who you are. Not as a religion or belief, but rather Ontologically. It can make you invincible. 

    Jukos and Yulena will soon be tested to their core, and time will tell if they can stand and manage the challenges ahead.

Genre:Science fiction | Romance | Eurotic | Literary fiction/educational | Action and adventure | sci-fi Format:PDF

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